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I offer ephemeral tattoos with natural jagua ink, made to measure and painless. A natural ink safe for the skin. We are located on the island of Nantes:

What is henna?
Henna is a dye of plant origin. It comes from plants found mainly in southern India and North Africa. Natural henna and neutral henna each come from a different thorny shrub, whose leaves, once dried, are reduced to powder.

How is the tattoo done?
Henna comes in the form of a paste, which is applied to the skin using a cone to form the design. The tattooed area is then wrapped in plastic wrap as the heat and humidity will allow the skin to absorb the dye.
When the film is removed, the tattoo is orange in color. It will gradually brown over the next three days. It will fade and eventually disappear on its own in about three weeks.

Are there any risks?
Allergies to neutral henna and natural henna are very rare. It is black henna that frequently causes severe allergic reactions. It is banned in France because it is produced from natural henna, to which a dangerous substance, phenylenediamine, is added.
If you have ever had an allergy to black henna, it can reappear if you come into contact with a product containing henna, such as shampoo.

What precautions should be taken?
Ask the person offering you a tattoo. You should refuse to get a tattoo if:
• Henna has a black color. This means that it is not pure and has been mixed with an allergenic substance.
• You are told a fast drying time. Natural henna does not dry in less than an hour. If you are offered a quickly dry tattoo, it is because the dye contains other products.
• If you are guaranteed a shelf life of more than three weeks. The pure henna tattoo is not indelible.

This temporary tattoo is beautiful, especially in the summer. By taking a few precautions, there is no reason to deprive yourself of it!

What is the henna/jagua tattoo?
The tattoo is an ancestral art which would date from prehistory, 5300 years before J-C! This art has of course evolved according to countries, cultures, traditions. We have almost all asked ourselves the question at least once of getting a tattoo.

The jagua is a fruit from a small tree, the Genipa Americana. It is edible, with a thick skin. The jagua has medicinal and nutritional properties. (Here you will know a lot more!). It grows mainly in the humid and tropical forests of South America. The Indians of South America transform the fruit into drinks, jams but also use it to paint their bodies. Jagua juice has a special property, that of tinting the skin bluish black. An ancestral tradition which still continues, and which inspires Westerners.

Amazonian tribes use it in different ways:

Aesthetics, as part of festivities
female warriors
Nuns: tattoos would drive away evil spirits

With raised hand ! The jagua gel is applied using a pipette, it is a question of drawing with ink, as with a brush or a pencil. Some use a plastic cone, as for henna, others metal criterium mines in which the gel passes. The tribes of Amazonia, they use wooden sticks made of bamboo or balsa. Everyone has their own method!
The tools are different as for a painter who uses different brushes.

The pause is not absolutely painful, and the ink is safe because it is vegetable.

Once the drawing has been made on the skin, it is left to dry for at least 2h30, or even 3h. The jagua gel must have its effect and tint the skin naturally. After these few hours of drying, the tattoo is very clear, and its appearance will be gradual. It will have its final color between 12 and 24 hours! You have to be patient and plan your temporary tattoo in advance if you do it for a special occasion.

Beyond 24 hours, and depending on where the tattoo was made, the tattoo has a dark bluish color, very close to the color of a permanent tattoo. It's stunning!

There are also stencils to make your own tattoo at home. You order a kit in which there is a gel with an applicator, and some stencils. The application is simple and easy to perform. No need to know how to draw!

On the other hand, be careful and vigilant about the products ordered. favor Made in France.

The temporary jagua tattoo lasts between 10 and 20 days. The duration varies according to the type of skin, and the place on the body. Hand tattoos last less, hands are exposed to light and frequent washing. On the other hand, a temporary jagua tattoo on the feet can last 20 days or more! To prolong your ephemeral tattoo, you can exfoliate the skin before applying it, moisturize it well with a dry oil or a cream for dry skin, protect it from the sun (total sunscreen milk), avoid chlorine and take some care in the shower, and when you dry yourself. Dab the tattoo with your towel without rubbing it.

It is necessary to differentiate tattoo with jagua and tattoo with henna. First of all, there is no such thing as black henna! To obtain a black henna, it is necessary to add to the henna a chemical substance, the PPD (ParaPhenylene Diamine) banned in Europe. This chemical compound is very dangerous for the skin, and can cause irreversible scars or even more serious reactions.
Natural jagua ink is the only ink that tattoos the skin black and is safe.
The henna used to paint the skin, is red, brown. It comes from a plant whose leaves are transformed into powder. The henna drying time is 10/20 minutes and lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Jagua ink is black, made from fruit juice. The drying time is 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum, and will last 2 weeks maximum.
It is important to choose the right jagua ink, or the person who will tattoo you with this gel. Beware of scams that claim to use jagua, and who is not! To be sure, choose ink made in France and do not hesitate to ask your tattoo artist which ink he/she uses!

There are many benefits of the jagua tattoo! It is first of all safe for the skin and it is not permanent! The temporary jagua tattoo, when it is well done, can become a real fashion accessory, like a varnish or a jewel!

It can emphasize a neck or a wrist, accompany an evening dress, decorate a back for holidays, send a message, etc. The jagua tattoo is natural, and vegetal. A real asset to avoid allergic reactions or damage your skin.

It's up to you to be creative to find the idea of your pattern or let yourself be guided by the professionals who use this technique, they are often a source of inspiration! Everything is tattooed! Flowers, animals, words, secrets, memories. It decorates our skin, and dresses us. It is personalized and that is the point!

You can also change your tattoo according to the season, the moments, the desires. We imagine an ephemeral tattoo for an evening, for Christmas, or New Year's Eve, a birthday, Valentine's Day, a wedding... We can also offer it, which makes it a super personalized original gift! (Gift voucher link). You can tattoo yourself very young, and very old! No age limit!It should be noted that retouching with jagua is almost impossible. Once applied, the jagua ink tints the skin very quickly. It will be necessary to wait for its natural disappearance to no longer see it. You can activate the disappearance of the ephemeral tattoo with a scrub of the skin in several times. Don't tear your skin to make it disappear!

The risks of making an ephemeral jagua tattoo are slim. There is a low allergic risk. If you have any doubts, perform a test with your tattoo artist and wait 48 hours. You will be fixed on the reaction of your skin.

Do not use jagua ink that is not jagua. Again, beware of the toxic products that some tattoo artists use. Check that the ink does not contain PPD, and that it is 100% vegetable.

Inks made in France are generally non-toxic and are certified to European standards or certified by a competent laboratory.

We hope we have convinced you to get started! We remain at your disposal if you have any additional questions, we will be there to answer them. Now it's up to you to get started and imagine your design! There is no limit ! Be creative and take care of yourself.

Our prices depend on the size and complexity of your temporary tattoo. The prices below are the prices for the models in our catalog or for a personalized model on which we do not have to intervene.

These rates are indicative and may vary depending on the difficulty of the pattern. Personal models that cannot be used as is with our installation constraints will be reworked. This service is invoiced between 5 and 10€. We will offer you a personalized quote according to your project, your desire.

Tattoo between 1 and 5 cm = 25€ /30€
8cm tattoo = 30€ / 35€
10cm tattoo = 35€ / 40€
15cm tattoo = 45€ / 50€
20cm tattoo = 60€ / 70€
25cm tattoo = 80€
30cm tattoo = 100€

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